May 26, 2020

VIBE Liqueurs & Spirits is marching forward to win the hearts and minds of Indonesian consumers

With exotic and irresistible libations, VIBE Liqueurs & Spirits is marching forward to win the hearts and minds of Indonesian consumers

Foto: Dok. by VIBE

Be it at a social gathering or just an enjoyable drink at home, a heady liqueur or spirit is the perfect way to make an evening that extra-special. Awarded as the Brand of the Year 2019 by the Asia International Spirit Competition, nothing beats the luxurious and delicious drinks from VIBE Liqueurs & Spirits. The first label to bring ready-to-drink alcoholic sodas to Indonesia at 5% alcohol and spirits at up to 40% alcohol, all beverages are meticulously produced from the finest ingredients and fresh mountain spring water. This undisputed brand-leader is also enhancing its quality and safety through the implementations of ISO 22000.2018 and ISO 9001.2015.

A game-changing company that has shaken up the regional liqueur and spirit industry, VIBE is a multi-awardwinning brand that earned many awards of excellence at upscale international competitions last year. Besides receiving a silver award for its tasty gin at the Gin Masters Asia 2019, VIBE also won two consecutive silver medals at the prestigious Liqueur Masters Asia 2019 for its exotic VIBE Lychee and Peach. Meanwhile, in September, VIBE won a golden award for its premium-quality vodka and two silver awards for its dry gin and rum. It also bagged two bronzes for the delicious VIBE Lychee and Triple Sec. With so many awards won in a year, it’s no surprise that VIBE has been nominated as Indonesia Liqueur Of The Year 2019.

With the business in operation for almost 17 years now, VIBE is more approachable and accessible through its Vibe24jam online store, which now serves the markets of Jakarta, Samarinda, Semarang, and is soon coming to Bali. As VIBE looks to continue raising the bar in the country’s alcohol and beverage industry, it is also striving to make a positive contribution to Indonesia’s tourism industry and offers exciting career opportunities for bartenders who wish to hone their mixology skills through VIBE’s sponsored bartender classes.

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