June 14, 2011

Indonesia Tatler’s Fashion Hall of Fame 2011

In 2011, the “Fashion Hall of Fame” was held to honour high-society players who have shown a strong passion to preserve Indonesian batik. This most-talked-about happening took place at Jakarta’s Dharmawangsa Hotel in May 2011. Maria Lukito – Bureau Chief of Indonesia Tatler – handed prestigious prizes to Jakarta ladies who have made batik a modern-day fashion statement.

For this event, Indonesia Tatler partnered with a number of big brands: The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Infiniti, Iwan Tirta the Private Collection, Toshiba, Ultimo, Agrippina Portraiture, LT.Pro, the Matara Art Centre, Philips Kwok-Professional Makeup Artist, LITE Production, Optik Seis, Jean Yip and Orlane.

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