Mobiliari Aesthetic & Luxury Beauty Fair 2014

Mobiliari Aesthetic & Luxury Beauty Fair 2014

25 September, 2014

The Mobiliari Aesthetic & Luxury Beauty Fair 2014 will cheer up aficionados of beauty for two days: October 30-31, 2014. With its three years of existence, the extravagant beauty affair, held in cooperation with Grand Hyatt Jakarta, has bloomed into one of the region’s most popular beauty fêtes. The popularity has left beauty aficionados and B2B communities with a good impression.

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The unending dynamics in beauty is one of the reasons why the industry never ceases to innovate and create new breakthroughs. Thus, the promising trends has propelled the Mobiliari Group—as a licensee of high society magazines and brand leader Indonesia Tatler and Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Indonesia—to continued the premium event that renders only the best.

The glamorous yet informative extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience for beauty devotees and has garnered much support from all key players in the industry, including medical beauty specialists, beauty brands, beauty clinics, and international aesthetic societies.

At its first presentation in 2012, the fair demonstrated its ability to charm and attracted thousands of beauty enthusiasts, as it served as the first platform for total beauty and aesthetic lovers in Indonesia to mingle and gain new insights into beauty processes. Inspiring talk shows discussing the latest products and technology in cosmetic surgery became the ace programme of this festival. A world’s booming topic, cosmetic surgery has indeed enticed a great number of enthusiasts to know more about it and to acquire first-hand knowledge from the experts. They flocked to the live demos presented by beauty medical experts and listened attentively to brief consultations about the topic. Beauty brands and spas received as much attention as that of other brands as well—for such institutions offered enlightening information and trends in makeup, skin care, and wellness. A number of stands of beauty brands, dental clinics, aesthetic and surgery clinics, and medical equipment vendors perked up the atmosphere. The booths attracted enthusiasts in that they let customers experience their products, and enjoy free and informative consultations from their experts.

Beauty is the prime aspect of the Mobiliari Aesthetic & Luxury Beauty Fair. To honour beauty aficionados, the fair in 2012 awarded “Mobiliari Most Timeless Beauty” dedicated to ladies who exuded both inner and outer beauty with captivating character and interests in the world of beauty.

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