May 10, 2013

Mobiliari hosts Indonesia’s first luxury conference

Delegates at the conference at which JETGALA Indonesia was launched,

Delegates at the conference at which JETGALA Indonesia was launched,

Jakarta, March 15—Mobiliari Group, publisher of Indonesia’s market-leading luxury magazine Indonesia Tatler as well as other titles, held the first-ever global luxury industry conference in Indonesia, with the theme “The Luxury Industry: Change, Updates and its Rise in Asia”.

The Mobiliari Global Luxury Industry Conference was held on March 27 at the Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta, and functioned as a platform for the sharing of knowledge and experience in building luxury brands in Asia.

Luxury industry brands that will were represented included Ferrari (automotive), Corum (high-end watches), Hawker Pacific (private jets) and Debenhams (retail / fashion). During the conference, Mobiliari Group also presented a tribute to the late Iwan Tirta, who helped develop batik as both a recognisable Indonesian brand and a luxury commodity.

The founder and CEO of Mobiliari Group, Millie Stephanie, said that this first Luxury Industry Conference is in line with the rise of Indonesia’s ‘wealth class’ and its economic success story within Asia and the rest of the world.

“With the increase in the number of millionaires in Asia, including Indonesia, more and more people are craving luxury brands that symbolise an appreciation of perfection, passion and quality—and which make a very definite personal statement.”

She added that the tribute to the late Mr. Iwan Tirta is intended to recognise him as one of the pioneers in the luxury industry in Indonesia.

“If we look at Indonesia, the growth in the luxury industry is phenomenal, and this is attracting many luxury brands, who then bring quality and experience to the Indonesian market. In addition, many brands can reposition themselves here to gain a totally different market share from their overseas operations,” said Millie Stephanie.

The event culminated with the official launch of JETGALA Indonesia  magazine, the latest addition to Mobiliari Group’s portfolio. The new male lifestyle magazine, in Bahasa Indonesia, reflects the growing wealth class and the new confidence Indonesians have in expressing their wealth.

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