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Indonesia Tatler is an expression of the increasing confidence of an emerging superpower and the lens through which modern Indonesia sees itself. As a curator of the luxury lifestyles, the magazine seeks and finds the best in the world. Indonesia Tatler, however, does not chronicle high society but defines it—the people, the places, the events and the objects—as a result of its time spent inside the velvet rope of high society. Similar to the digital platform, Indonesia Tatler’s print publication is categorised according to different sections, namely:

    From the hottest events to the latest gossip, Concierge is the perfect opener for those seeking to know about the hip and happening around town and abroad
    Here, hand in hand with coverage on society events, are the luxury periodical’s exclusive profiles of all of the region’s most significant personalities.
    From haute horlogerie to high jewellery, Indonesia Tatler meets the minds behind the masterpieces, hits the most important industry highlights, and showcases the latest and greatest collections.
    In-depth stories, from exclusive personality profiles to stunningly photographed portfolios, opinionated think pieces and clever takes on the issues of the day, thrive in this section.
  • LIFE
    The most delectable fine dining, exclusive art previews, the greatest high-style adventures… name it and Indonesia Tatler covers each and every facet of the good life.
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