Indonesia Tatler Agust 2019

Indonesia Tatler Agust 2019

5 December, 2019

Intelligent Design

The astute among you—and I know from experience that this is pretty much all of you— will notice a few tweaks and modifications to the layouts and design of this month’s INDONESIA TATLER. Rather than an all-out rethink of the content, we’ve reworked a few things to stay relevant to our readers and to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to modern magazine trends. Don’t worry—we’ve not tinkered with the DNA of the magazine itself; rather, we’ve changed a few fonts and given some pages more white space to allow the content to “breathe”, among other things. We love the new look, which is happening across all the regional TATLER titles, and we hope you do, too.

Diving into the magazine itself, August is a real treat. As well as peeking into the sensational architectural works (“Natural Wonder”) as seen through the eyes of award- winning architects Cosmas Gozali, Revano Satria, and Realrich Sjarief, our cover story focuses on Rani Anggraini Safitri and was shot in her beautiful estate located just outside the city. In “Living Large”, Rani discusses her inspirations, ambitions, and approach towards life. And what do we find? Rani loves her life and her country with a passion, as do we.

Meanwhile, we’ve long championed the cause of environmental protection, having partnered with NGOs on reducing marine pollution and protecting marine ecosystems, among many other projects. Here, in “Turning Tides”, we look at what The Race for Water Odyssey is doing to raise awareness of plastic pollution and reverse a worrying trend. You, too, can contribute by refusing single-use plastics like drinking straws and plastic bags, or re-use them where you can as well as reduce consumption in general and make the effort to recycle. We only have one planet: let’s not squander it.

August is one of my favourite months of the year as it’s a month of transition: it marks the onset of the seasonal change from summer to winter in temperate parts of the world. In keeping with this time of change, we hope you adore the design changes we’ve made in this issue and I personally look forward to chatting about them when we meet at the many social occasions at which our paths cross. Happy reading!