February 16, 2017

Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurants 2017


Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant 2017

Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurant 2017


While many countries are full of doom and gloom going into 2017, Indonesia has entered the year with a hopeful heart and confidence in its citizens, laws, diverse cultures, and many more positives besides. After all, there has been a profusion of five-star hotel openings both in Jakarta and Bali—and there are many more to come—as well as renewed interest in domestic travel.

For those of you unfamiliar with the vibrant and eclectic dining scene in Indonesia, we present to you Indonesia Tatler Best Restaurants 2017. This indispensable guide gives you the lowdown on where to eat and drink, what to order, when to go, and other handy information snippets, all presented in a pocket-sized guide that is very easy to use. For those who live here or who are familiar with Indonesia’s stunning and varied cuisine, look no further for where to go to get the best experiences!

Unlike other restaurant guides, we do not accept anyone to be listed in this book. Rather than approaching as many restaurants as possible and charging them for listings, we hand-pick the list of inclusions first, with a focus on quality, variety and value for money. Thus, you will find bars, al fresco eateries and five-star hotel restaurants all listed here.

We firmly believe that these are Indonesia’s very best restaurants for 2017, and we hope you agree with us. So, without wasting any more time, let’s tuck in!

Maria Lukito

Bureau Chief





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