February 03, 2017

Indonesia Tatler February 2017

Indonesia Tatler February 2017 Edition

Indonesia Tatler February 2017 Edition

If there’s one thing that makes us human, it is the capacity for love. Indeed, all major religions, faiths and creeds revolve around ideas of love, compassion, and care for others. After all, when love conquers all and when love is in your heart, it truly is the spark of the divine making itself felt. As such, it would be derelict of us not to dedicate this Valentine’s Day issue of Indonesia Tatler to all the lovers out there. So we’ve rounded up five pairs of delightful newlyweds who share with us the stories of how they met, how they manage their relationships, and what makes them tick as a couple. Read and be inspired!

Our cover story also revolves around a well-known couple, Agus Yudhoyono and his wife Annisa Pohan, as they prepare for the  gubernatorial election. And rather than being a distraction, these two lovebirds have found that campaigning together has brought them even closer together—as long as they always make time for family, of course. Speaking of family, do take time to read the article by Elaine Marlene about early childhood education—let’s hope these bright minds turn out to be lovely people too!

But this issue of Indonesia Tatler isn’t just about romance and compassion. We also dine at the fabulous new Chinese restaurant Eight Treasures, which will transport you to the Orient with authentic and tasty Taiwanese “steamboat” dishes. Remember: you read it here first! And just to prove how eclectic we are (because we know you, our readers, also have eclectic tastes!), we chat to Amrit Harjani, the mastermind behind the success of Jakarta’s most elite barber, Marco’s Chopshop. Variety is the spice of life!

As ever, the issue also brims with society events, happenings, beauty tips and tricks, wellness articles and much more besides. So it remains for me to remind you that “all you need is love” and that to love and be loved should be your ultimate goal in life.
Happy reading!

—Maria Lukito

Bureau Chief

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