Indonesia Tatler Homes December 2016 issue

Indonesia Tatler Homes December 2016 issue

27 December, 2016


Welcome our year-end, New Year issue. If you’re reading this in December, all of us here at Indonesia Tatler Homes would like to wish you a happy and blessed New Year. If you’re reading this in 2017, we hope the party hangover doesn’t last too long!

This issue is a bit special issue for us. Because we know that most of you will have done your Christmas or post-Christmas shopping by the time you read the magazine, we’re focusing much more on stunning properties rather than product reviews and roundups. After all, now is the time to start planning your dream home—and even plan your travels around luxury living.

As such, we take an in-depth look at a unique villa complex on the Caribbean island of Mustique: a villa noteworthy not only because its inspiration came from the island of Bali, but also because the man behind the concept was none other than the late David Bowie, who died around a year ago leaving behind a monumental legacy. As well as this impressive architectural wonder, we look at Bowie’s little-known but strong ties with Indonesia.

Elsewhere in the issue, we meet Belgian landscaper François Goffinet, whose work is based on the philosophy of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. For Goffinet, the art of gardening is like making music—it can make your whole body vibrate through majestic harmonies. Now, he has designed a collection of garden furniture in response to the demand for elegant pieces, and he has also created a range of garden ornaments.

We also take a peek at some of the recent happenings in the world of interiors and decor, including the 2016 edition of the Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design Festival, also known as ICAD. Now into its seventh year, the exhibition saw artists and designers such as Agung Kurniawan, Budi Pradono, Eko Nugroho, Hermawan Tanzil and Oscar Lawalata participate. We do hope you enjoy the issue and again would like to wish you a blessed 2017.

Maria Lukito
Bureau Chief
Indonesia Tatler Homes