July 02, 2015

Indonesia Tatler July 2015

The holy month of ramadan has finally come. To commemorate this hallowed fasting month for Muslims in Indonesia, we present you Rani Anggraini, a noble muslim lady who has a big vision and mission with her non-profit organisation “Sahabat Kartini.” Her wish is to empower women in Indonesia who live in remote areas, so that they can be more independent and be more confident to fend for and express themselves. Her deeds are indeed very inspiring especially her programs for the women communities in Indonesia, which may well serve as encouragement for every one of us especially during this fasting month. We also feature a story on the daughter of a Singaporean tycoon who just came back from Valencia. During her trip she showcased her fabulous style in fashion as well as her special fondness for intricate details.

For fashion and beauty lovers, in our style section, we have fabulous fashion spreads featuring Chanel haute couture and some desert-summer style fashion that you can mix and match for this Ramadan month. We also had the chance to speak to some experts so we can present you with beauty updates especially those concerned about experiencing skin dryness during the fasting period. Here we offer some great hydrating products not only for your skin but also products to treat your hair and scalp.

We hope that you can find something interesting, useful and inspirational for you to read while fasting. May each fast you undergo during Ramadan be instrumental to achieving the purification of your soul and by the end of this month may you become a person full of purity, and your thoughts have more clarity.

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