Indonesia Tatler March 2017

Indonesia Tatler March 2017

1 March, 2017
Indonesia Tatler March 2017

Indonesia Tatler March 2017

For most people (other than Shakespeare’s tragic Julius Caesar, who famously refused to “beware the Ides of March”), this month is a time of new awakenings and rebirths. In the West, it is often characterised by the welcome return of flowers after a harsh winter, like the snowdrop and the daffodil. Sadly, here in Jakarta—though perhaps less so in other parts of this huge country—we don’t really get a “spring” as such, although we do seem to get more and more April showers these days. But if you want to put a real spring in your step, there’s no better way than with Indonesia Tatler.

To return to the subject of fresh, natural beauty, the ravishing Raline Shah graces our cover this issue. Always fabulous company with looks to die for, Raline updates us on all that’s happening in her hectic life. And (this being the month that marks the end of the first quarter of this year) she reminds us all to live in the now. We couldn’t agree more: carpe diem!

Elsewhere in this issue of the ever-eclectic Indonesia Tatler we bring news of exciting developments in the world of the arts. We shine a spotlight on Indonesia’s first International Ballet Star Gala and its organiser Juliana Tanjo: a lady with a singular vision that she has quickly transformed into reality. As always, food is also on the menu this month, with two styles of cuisine featured that are almost literally
geographical polar opposites: the Italian-American fare at Bistecca and the brand-new and the highly creative Chinese restaurant Jia, located in the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. While the two are definitely worlds apart in terms of their dishes, they share at least one thing in common: we highly recommend them both to you, our dear readers.

Style is front and centre this issue, too, with a look at some of the new collections from Gucci and other leading brands, plus tips and tricks covering how to look your best from skin inwards! But it’s not all superficial and skin deep—we also chat with entrepreneur Ketut Masagung, who balances his thriving business life with more spiritual matters with ease, and with Dr Raissa Edwina Djuanda, who manages
to combine being a loving mother and wife with her other role as one of the country’s leading nutrionists.

And on that high note, I’ll end this month’s  message. Beware the Ides of March? We’re looking forward another marvellous month as always!

Happy reading.

—Maria Lukito

Bureau Chief