Indonesia Tatler May 2019

Indonesia Tatler May 2019

5 December, 2019

The time of our lives

Well, after a hectic April, mercifully packed with days off work and the generation-defining election, I can safely say that May means a magical whirlwind of wonderful content in this month’s issue of INDONESIA TATLER. Starting at the very beginning—with our cover story, that is—we get the chance to delve into the life and world of someone I admire greatly and whom I count as a firm friend: Irwan Danny Mussry. Regular readers and those in the know will recognise the name—Irwan is the owner and CEO of Time International—although some will not be familiar with the man and his vision. Irwan’s first forays into the world of watches and high-end lifestyles came as a direct result of his first-hand experience of bad service, and, with that in mind, he has dedicated his career to not only showcasing the world’s leading timepieces, but also to providing exemplary customer service. Read all this and more in “Our Time”.

Another strong personality we feature this month is Binod Chaudhary, Nepal’s first (and, currently, only) billionaire. Discover Binod’s fascinating story in “The Sky’s the Limit”, in which you’ll read about his early life as a hippie with leanings towards travel, music, and Bollywood movies to becoming a business mogul thanks, in part, to the Asian staple of noodles. Intrigued? Read more in our exclusive story of the life of this extraordinary individual.

Of course, INDONESIA TATLER believes in gender balance, so I’d also like to draw your attention towards our interviews with four mums and their lovely children in conjunction with Mother’s Day. With each lady coming from a different background, their approach to parenting is something we can all learn from. As well as our chat with these inspiring figures, we also feature Hakkasan Jakarta, a dynamic new culinary destination, in our Dining Out section: “Love at First Bite” is the appropriate title given to this story of this hip new restaurant that is all set to become a city staple.

What else does the month of May hold? We have our usual roundup of fashion, lifestyle, and newsworthy notables, all wrapped up into one sensational magazine. Happy reading to all of you and welcome to summer!