Indonesia Tatler October 2017

Indonesia Tatler October 2017

25 February, 2019

There’s nothing like new blood and fresh ideas on an ongoing project, and that’s exactly what Jakarta is getting this month as Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno take on the respective responsibilities of governor and vice governor.

This issue’s cover story (“Leading Men”) looks at the pair’s campaign promises and what they will mean for citizens of this fast-evolving metropolis. Jakarta is a city bursting with promise: we hope that Anies and Sandi can continue the stellar work of the previous administration in transforming the city’s infrastructure and addressing other needs, making it a better place for all citizens and a city we can all be proud to call our own.

Speaking of positive change, in this issue we also chat with the immensely talented Imelda Harsono, who is leading the charge to transform Indonesia’s energy sector with renewable solar power. Her vision is to ensure that the nation’s energy demands are met in an environmentally conscious way and all the while adding jobs to the economy.

Indonesia Tatler is nothing if not committed to making this wonderful country a better place for all its citizens, and for this reason, we are also proud to feature the story behind our collaboration with Wanda House of Jewels and Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia to help with
the battle against breast cancer. Our commitment to art is also well known, and as well as postevent coverage of the highly successful second installment of ART STAGE Jakarta, we also focus on ARTOTEL Indonesia’s aspirations. This local brand, which was founded in 2011 with the idea of promoting local art to hotel guests, is being transformed into the ARTOTEL Group, focusing on art exhibitions and art-related events and workshops among other things. We wish them every success.

Lastly, Indonesia Tatler’s high-society world is so often fast-paced, and we hope you enjoy vicarious thrills with our story of driving a highoctane Ferrari through the winding streets and open highways of Bali (“Pedal to the Metal”). It was our privilege to have this opportunity and we pass on to you the story behind this amazing experience. Life in the fast lane, indeed. Happy reading!

—Millie Stephanie Lukito CEO and Bureau Chief