Indonesia Tatler October 2019

Indonesia Tatler October 2019

5 December, 2019

Good Spirits

October is a bit of a weird month, right? In the West, it marks the onset of winter; here, I’m sure that you’re praying for rain if you live in Jakarta. I’ve not seen the city so dry and dusty for a long time. Anyway, as always INDONESIA TATLER is a reliable way to take your mind off the heat and find intellectual and inspiring respite, as well as style, grace, and even spiritual enlightenment. Following in this vein, our cover story this month, entitled “All of Me”, profiles the amazing life of Uci Flowdea, who has poured her heart into both her work in the timber industry and matters of a less-material and more-religious nature. Fittingly giving praise that God has blessed her with success in her chosen career path, she gives back to society and her Maker and thus fulfils the central tenet of most religions—by tending to the poor and hosting weekly prayer meetings for around 200 people. Many of us could do with taking a leaf out of her book, as the English idiom goes.

The magazine is also packed with inspirational stories of other people, like Chef Nicola Affatati, who helms the kitchen at the Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya’s Sapore Osteria restaurant. As you will read in “Viva Italia”, this talented cook hails from southern Italy and brings a splendid collection of family recipes to this brand-new restaurant. Meanwhile, we also chat with Patrick Vaysse of TAUZIA Hotel Management Indonesia, who shares with us his story of some 30 years spent in the hospitality industry.

I’m also happy to see Nanda Haensel’s byline back in our pages. Our best travel writer hands-down gives us some pointers as to where some of Bali’s least-known treasures can be found in the aptly titled “Hidden Gems”. I’d also like to point you towards “The New Frontier”, which details how jewellery giant Tiffany & Co. is focusing on making its products’ provenance more ethical, as well as “Creativity Realised”, in which Rinaldy Yunardi details how he put together yet another awe-inspiring show while juggling many other things on his plate. This story reminds all of us who live in this instant-gratification era: true quality is worth the wait.

There’s tons more, of course, but, as always, I’ve run out of space. Slap on some sunscreen, sit in the garden with an ice-cold drink, and enjoy the read.