Indonesia Tatler September 2017

Indonesia Tatler September 2017

25 February, 2019

First off, it would be remiss of me not to mention and share my mourning on the passing of my mother, Maria Lukito, whose words you usually read on this page.

We address her life and her work in detail inside the magazine, and I trust you will all join me in celebrating the spirit of this wonderful lady—a lady I was privileged to affectionately call mum. All that said, Ibu Maria, as others knew her, was nothing if not brimming with positivity, and I am certain she would not want me to wallow too much in sadness here, but rather to push forwards, onwards and upwards.

This brings us very aptly to the main thrust of this issue of Indonesia Tatler, which is to present to you to our Generation T honourees. This brand-new initiative set out to identify young innovators who are blazing trails in the worlds of business, creativity, and activism through their ingenuity and entrepreneurship.

To assist us in this quest, we enlisted the help of a select group of panellists consisting of industry heavyweights, with the result being 50 names whom we are proud to welcome into our new community of nextgeneration influencers. We have digital innovators whose technological solutions have changed the way we shop, eat, and travel; inspiring artists who have given us songs, styles, and stories to fill our senses; and community-conscious leaders who push boundaries when it comes to caring for the needy, those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and, of course, the environment.

Indonesia Tatler wholeheartedly believes in the capabilities and potential of this country’s youth. Growing up during a time of rapid technological innovation and economic flux, Indonesia’s contemporary generation—our Generation T— has all the tools and opportunities it needs to change not only the country, but also the world, for the better. We hope you share this belief.

As is always the case in our September issues, you’ll also find extended and packed fashion, beauty and lifestyle sections in this Indonesia Tatler. The pages are brimming with style secrets, new looks and ways to shape up and wake up your lives. And so, it only remains for me to echo one of the phrases that Ibu Maria loved so much: happy reading and carpe diem!

—Millie Stephanie Lukito CEO and Bureau Chief