Indonesia Tatler September 2018

Indonesia Tatler September 2018

27 February, 2019

Mother knows best

Welcome to September’s Indonesia Tatler—I hope this finds you healthy and happy, and what a treat we have in store for you this issue. I’ll lead with our cover story, “Earth Mother”, which, of course, could only be about one of our generation’s finest eco-warriors (and long-time friend of this magazine), Nadya Hutagalung. In our interview, we delve into the roots of what gave Nadya the nudge to nurture nature. Nadya’s biggest influences? Her mum and her kids—naturally, of course. All have been instrumental in helping to shape this allround green goddess into the humanitarian and environmental heroine she is today.

Without dwelling on it too long (after all, I wrote extensively about it this time last month), we also focus again on the Asia Tatler Generation T project in this issue. The reason? In August, we officially unveiled Indonesia Tatler’s full list of the nation’s top 50 movers and shakers aged under 40 years old at a star-studded and inspirational party. Check out “Bright Stars” for the lowdown from the event, and I’d like to say a personal thank you to our sponsors—BNI Emerald, Omega, Plaza Indonesia, and Brava Radio—as well as our
esteemed “Tribe” members who helped trim our initial list of hundreds of potentials down to the final 50.

Meanwhile, in this issue, we also chat with HE Vincent Guérend, Ambassador of the European Union to Indonesia, about the strong relationship between the union and our beloved country. HE Guérend is a seasoned traveller who talks heritage, diversity, and the common goals between Europe and Indonesia. And speaking of travel, we also showcase something a little different for all of you with a wanderlust and a sense of adventure: the Chedi Club Ubud has become the first resort on the island to offer bird’s-eye views of the area’s lush landscapes in a hot-air balloon. While I have yet to try it, I can think of no better way to experience the best of Bali than to glide effortlessly over the undulating contours with only fresh air and blue skies for company.

And on that note, I’ll see you again next month. Do enjoy this September issue and, as always, happy reading.


—Millie Stephanie Lukito

CEO and Bureau Chief