Indonesia Tatler Society 2017

Indonesia Tatler Society 2017

19 April, 2017

Cover Society'17

Another year has flown by in the blink of an eye, and in 2017’s Indonesia Tatler Society, we celebrate our most extravagant events, parties and, of course, our people. Each and every month of the past year was special, so to commemorate each month, we’ve rounded up the most exciting occasions in print. We also present to you with the highly anticipated Top 500 list of the most prominent people in the country.

The first glamorous preview in this issue is our very own annual Indonesia Tatler Ball, where the crème de la crème of society flocked together last November, dressed flamboyantly for The Empire theme — an evening of absolute glamour and elegance. We have also selected three lovely couples who have motivated us to celebrate them because of the solidarity and foundation of love they have each built.

Affluence evidently follows style, and to reaffirm that statement, we have rounded up 12 Style Icons who have impressed us with their charm, personality, attitude and flair in standing out from the crowd. These select few have not only charmed us with their appearances, but have also appealed to us because of their achievements.

Every year Asia Tatler rounds up a handful of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful ladies for the Asia’s Most Stylish photoshoot, and this year, hailing from Indonesia is the lovely Christina Lim. This year, our lovely ladies of the region make their way to the romantic city of Venice.

Indonesia Tatler Society magazine is a window into the who’s who in society; the social butterflies; and, of course, the A-listers in town. With this issue, we thank each and every one of you for your sincere loyalty and dedication towards Indonesia Tatler and our other publications.

Enjoy flipping through the pages, because you might be in for a little surprise along the way!



Maria Lukito