Indonesia Tatler May 2018

Indonesia Tatler May 2018

27 February, 2019

Making the most of mums

Our story this May revolves around two sisters-in-law, Annisa Pohan Yudhoyono and Aliya Rajasa Yudhoyono, who, in the spirit of Mother’s Day (which falls this year on May 13, so don’t forget), reveal what it takes to be happy families. Both are devoted mums and they remind us of some valuable maxims: take care of yourselves, don’t complain, and enjoy every moment. Extending this theme, and to celebrate the positive roles of mums in all our lives, we also feature a selection of other women who share their own stories of love and dedication. Don’t forget: if your mum is still with you, tell her you love her now. Don’t delay! One day, precious moments will, alas, only be treasured memories.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth underscoring the fact again: this magazine is all about people, be they you, our dear readers, or the luminaries we feature. So this issue, the indomitable Sherly Worth shares with us how she manages the art of image consulting with her company Codeltra Asia. For Sherly, image is everything, but this is not restricted to simply how you look: it also means advising on everything from communication to negotiation.

We also chat with another female highachiever, Jasmine Prasetio, who is currently the Country Head, Indonesia, and Director, Asia,
of art auction heavyweight Sotheby’s. Jasmine relates to us how, in the five years she’s held the position, the art scene in Indonesia has fundamentally shifted to include all things digital, increasingly appealing to a younger audience along the way.

Meanwhile, the issue is a gift to watch aficionados. We recently had the enviable task of trekking over to Switzerland to attend Baselworld 2018, and we bring you bang up to date with all the big brand news, new models, and innovations that are sure to inspire your next shopping trip. It would be remiss of me to mention my favourite here, but suffice it to say that there’s something for everyone.

What more can I add other than to wish you all a splendid May, and to all the other mothers out there… Have a very happy and hopefully stress-free Mother’s Day. You’ve earned it.

Happy reading!
—Millie Stephanie Lukito

CEO and Bureau Chief