Muhammad Alfatih Timur shares about his social calling

Muhammad Alfatih Timur shares about his social calling

7 May, 2020

Muhammad Alfatih Timur shares about his social calling as the founder of social-funding platform

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

With a big smile that belies an even bigger heart, Muhammad Alfatih Timur always lightens up any mood wherever he is. Having been raised rather comfortably compared with the unfortunate souls living just around the corner from his home, Alfatih always felt the nudge to help them out especially as Indonesia’s growth rate started speeding up. Thus, was born as a platform for those in need to have a voice and ask for help, ranging from medicine to animal shelters and anything in between. Moreover, donations are easily gathered and safely distributed with a seamless payment system. His role now is to change society’s mindset and spirit of giving towards a more positive note in many campaigns to raise awareness among society of the true definition of giving. Here, Muhammad describes the barriers he has overcome in his own words.

I believe that when we are doing something together, everything is possible. This is the case with, which started as a fundraising project for a school and became a crowd-funding platform that helps with many social issues. My dad also inspired me—he is a doctor who loves to help people despite the fact that you always give more than what you get in return. “Kita”, of course, means “us” and “bisa” means “can”, both of which reflect our country’s gotong royong principle to share hardship together.

Growing a social entrepreneurship needs trust, which is a value we have upheld since the beginning and will never disregard. I believe that this platform can truly help those in need, even though in the first year I was the one standing up for kitabisa when others could not fully commit to this project—until I met Vikra, kitabisa’s vice president, in its second year. One vivid example was when I went to the hospital to meet a father who had raised money through kitabisa to save his newborn baby. He hugged me while crying and said that each rupiah had extended his daughter’s life.

We gain trust from the public by verifying all the people who start a fundraiser, and we match their identity card with a selfie to prevent fraud. In addition, from all the payments taken by kitabisa only 5 per cent goes to our own operations while the rest goes to the fundraiser, and we are transparent about this.

kitabisa is here to help people as a social entrepreneurship, and our achievements cannot be measured according to certain standards. It’s enough when we meet those whose causes we’ve helped and to know that kitabisa has made a difference in their lives.