Fionna Chrysanti

Director of Operations & Commercial

Fionna Chrysanti joined Mobilliari Group with a background in finance and accounting, working alongside different departments and bringing out the best in those around her. Having been diligently working with composure and efficiency under pressure, she has since refocused her skills within the international, multi-faceted media company. A confident and quick learner possessing an adaptive skill set, she advanced to become Director of Operations and Commercial overseeing the Group’s main products, including Tatler Indonesia and Gen.T Asia in Indonesia (part of Tatler Asia group). As a leader and part of the management team, she brings positive energy and strives to be of great value to Mobiliari Group and its platforms and products with her best every day. In a highly competitive work environment, Fionna has produced creative and innovative solutions to match client’s needs. See her full resume and connect with Fionna through LinkedIn to lead and collaborate on your projects.