Al Fresco Dining 2014

Al Fresco Dining 2014

1 December, 2014

alfresco 2014


Welcome to the second edition of Al Fresco Dining, the first of its kind to guide you for an outside dining spree at its best in Indonesia. More than a fad in the dynamics of restaurant business, al fresco dining establishment became the favourite spot food lovers found in not only Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung. The good vibes now covers Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Makassar and Batam as well. We trust that you will find this guide useful and informative, and that it will lead to many gastronomic, and social, adventure thanks to al fresco’s party-like ambience. After all, what is more conducive to good food, fine drink and mingle with the crowds than an outside setting in some of the archipelago’s most desirable destinations?

We strongly believe that the eight metropolis are now established gourmet destinations, some of the region’s top locations where tourists and culinary-adventurous locals care to enjoy a bite or a beverage in the open. Whether it is beachside dining in Bali, breezing cool air in Bandung, savouring local dish in Palembang, simply people watching in Surabaya, or mingle with the yuppies in Jakarta there has never been a better time to dine out in Indonesia.

This is the reason why we have expanded this must-have guide to a range of establishments that have set up themselves as gastronomic highlights at top eight gastronomic destinations in the country. The addition of five more cities on the list denotes that al fresco dining is a budding business.

So place your seat in the upright position, relax, open the book and begin to plan your gastronomic adventures in Indonesia. We wish you all the very best in savouring the greatest the archipelago has to offer.