Beauty and Activity

Beauty and Activity

10 November, 2014

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Our handpicked selection of beauty outlets

Mobiliari Group is proud producing what we believe is the first of its kind — a publication offering only the best handpicked beauty and wellness outlets. The idea behind the book is simple: we selected clinics, hospitals, salons, diet centres, spas, massage and health services, and even salons that we believe offer the best services in the region. We then profiled each of these selected outlets to produce the booklet you are now holding. The information presented is invaluable: from location to opening times to a profile and description of each service provider. Thus, you, our dear readers, can make the most informed decisions, and also benefit from the privileges offered by our partner.

Presenting our selection of active life solutions

When Mobiliari Group, publisher of this first-of-its-kind booklet, was approached by our partner, we were more than excited. After all, this was a chance to handpick the cream of the crop of golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and sports stores in the region, all of them offering exclusive benefits to our partner cardholders. What better way to energise the bank’s customers and provide them with unique opportunities to lead more active lives? After all, many of us struggle to motivate ourselves into taking action that will improve our health and longevity. This book, then, is the ultimate guide to bettering yourself, and to developing hobbies and habits that ultimately will lead to more healthy lifestyles. We are therefore proud to be working with a partner that recognises the need to keep its customers both healthy and happy.