British School Jakarta: Foundation for Success

British School Jakarta: Foundation for Success

30 September, 2020

British School Jakarta creates a warm and nurturing learning environment for pre-school students to aid their early development even in virtual classes

Curiosity is second-nature to children, and exploration of their surroundings and the people around them must be encouraged through the right school setting. Strategically situated 7km south-west from Jakarta on a spacious, 18 hectare estate, British School Jakarta (BSJ) is among the choice of early childhood institutions that focuses on developing critical thinking in its students in a conducive setting.

BSJ Kindergarten (KG) helps nurture the natural curiosity of children aged three- to five-years while empowering them to take an active role in their learning. The teaching staff are all certified, multi-national teachers who hold Early Years qualifications and are assisted by host-national teachers with a high level of teaching experience. BSJ also provides specialist teachers for music, physical education and weekly swimming lessons, encouraging creativity and developed motor skills.

BSJ Bake Off competition is one of the few hands-on fun activities scheduled throughout the year

Another key to success is to place children in different classes according to their age. KG1 is for the age group of three- to four-year-olds, in which the curriculum focuses on developing the Prime Areas of physical development, language and communication, and personal, social and emotional growth. In KG2, kids will learn additional specific academic skills such as Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Designs. Cultivating strong pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills . By the end of the BSJ kindergarten programme, children will have a solid academic foundation which allows them to have a strong basis to start primary school

Children will also develop a skill of speaking and listening through the language-rich curriculum at BSJ. While the Bahasa Indonesia programme is available to all classes, children can engage and explore the English language in a wide variety of language development programmes such as Talk for Writing, Tales Toolkit and BSJ Phonics Time. At BSJ, preschoolers can enjoy fun learning tasks thanks to a broad range of accessible indoor and outdoor spaces, such as classrooms with computer installations, a kid-friendly kitchen, Rainforest Café and an interactive splash area.

The open-plan, interactive KG classroom inspires learning

Working together with parents, BSJ always strives to give the best learning experience to aid the growth of a child. Alia, the beloved mum of Kai, shares details on her child’s learning experience, “The learning platform on Google Meet is not only cutting edge and sophisticated but user friendly,” she said. “Children at BSJ have a full day of learning from 7.50am to 1.45pm, and the teachers are mindful of limiting screen time and creating innovative, proactive ways of educating. Exciting online activities include a private session with the teacher and one-on-one time with other students, as well as fun, independent learning sessions.”

Kai is among the students who are participating in online learning during the pandemic


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Written by Hesikios Kevin
All image by British School Jakarta
Taken from Tatler Indonesia October Issue 2020