British School Jakarta Helps Students Pursuing Their Passion With A Pathway Program

British School Jakarta Helps Students Pursuing Their Passion With A Pathway Program

30 April, 2021

SCAD Savannah – Fall 2019 – Facilities – Clark Hall – Interior – Photography Courtesy of SCAD

“The world is your oyster”, so the age-old idiom read. With hundreds of possibilities out there, planning a career path has become the need of the hour for students to ensure they get a clear vision of which profession is best for them. Among the best schools around town, the British School Jakarta (BSJ) offers a comprehensive International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme (IBCP). When it comes to skill development and work readiness, the programme provides an opportunity to develop academic achievement alongside personal growth and social skills needed for their career success.

The international school aids its students in tailoring their pathway to career by blending academic study and practical hands-on experience through an integrated package. They will learn a minimum of two IB Diploma Programme academic subjects together with career-related study choices. Moreover, the programme also has a Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) course delivered in four periods per school cycle followed by independent learning components, such as the Reflective Project, Service Learning and Language Development courses.



During the Academic Year 2020/2021, BSJ only provided one particular IB Career-Related Programme, the Business Studies pathway with Pearson’s BTEC. The Pearson’s BTEC is perfect for those interested in pursuing a business career either in enterprises or entrepreneurship. However, starting from the upcoming Academic Year 2021/2022, the international school presents some broader programmes developed and offered by highly respected universities. BSJ has added four new pathways to help build each student’s future. Each career-related study offers extensive learning with subjects delivered online by internationally recognised universities and supported by BSJ teachers.

For those with a passion for art or who wished to pursue a career in design, there is the Art & Design programme in partnership with Savannah College of Art and Design. Students who want to pursue their passion in the aviation or engineering sector could take Aeronautical, or General Engineering, developed by the Embry Riddle University. Meanwhile, the Bioinformatics pathway is best for those who want to learn Computer Science and Bioinformatics, as taught at the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L).Lastly, for interests in careers within the sports industry, the International Sports Management pathway collaborates with Federation University Australia.



After completing all units and the rest of the IBCP programme, students have an opportunity to continue studying with BSJ’s university partners. Students could also potentially transfer the credit units studied in IBCP to the corresponding universities. BSJ’s IBCP is beneficial for all students to prepare for their future careers,guided by experienced and well qualified teachers through innovative programmes. Learn more about BSJ, its programme and school facilities at


Written by Hesikios Kevin
All image by British School Jakarta