May 04, 2020

Meet Gen. T: Flower child Tasya Farasya is all smiles as she chats with Indonesia Tatler about her packed life as a make-up enthusiast

Busy Beauty

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia November Issue 2019

How did you get into the beauty industry?
I have always loved to do make-up since I was young. I’d steal my mum’s beauty products, and taught my friends how to create winged eyeliner during my cheerleader era in high school. When I attended university to study dentistry, I took some time in the middle of my busy schedule to have some “me time” by making beauty tutorial videos on YouTube.
Surprisingly, and in a short time, I was approached by big-name make-up brands and was asked to work on collaborations. I knew then that I was meant to be in the beauty industry.

Describe one of your busiest days  within the past six months. How do you juggle your priorities?
In one day, I’d wake up in Jakarta and then sleep in another city. Within three days in a row, I may have moved between three different cities just to fulfill the minimum amount of two weekly shows for YouTube and one daily post for Instagram. I’ve even flown to a few different countries in just one week. Everything needs to be done one by one, and the key to juggling my hectic schedule is to know what needs to be prioritised.

Foto: Dok. Tasya Farasya’s Instagram

Do you have a balanced work-life ratio?
It’s a bit tricky because my work is also my hobby, and there is a thin line between balancing the two. Sometimes it’s unclear whether I’m working or I’m just having fun. Either
way, I definitely can balance both aspects especially when I travel forbusiness. While travelling, I stop at malls or department stores to find the latest beauty products.

Where do you see yourself in the next three to 10 years?
I believe in focusing on living my life day by day. Long-term planning will follow what I’m doing in the short term. In the near future, I will launch my beauty brand. I can’t wait for the product launch—I have dreamed about it for a long time and have been preparing the product to be a big hit.


Source: Halim, Clairice, “Busy Beauty”,  Tatler Indonesia, November Issue, 2019

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