Candle in the Wind: Patricia Mayoree joins in the fight to tackle the COVID-19 in Surabaya

Candle in the Wind: Patricia Mayoree joins in the fight to tackle the COVID-19 in Surabaya

5 May, 2020

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia March Issue 2019

As the coronavirus rages on in Jakarta as the epicentre of the pandemic, Surabaya’s youths are mobilising to slow the spread of the virus at the second largest metropolis in Indonesia. Leading the way is the city’s beauty Patricia Mayoree who has been actively involved in fundraising campaigns with her powerful influence to inspire her large Instagram following, and through the society as the future successor of PT. Dharma Kumala Utama, PT Alfa Fiber Indonesia, and many other family businesses that have helped cement the City of Heroes’ position as the thriving capital of East Java province.

With her mask safely in place, the brave young lady was only accompanied by her doting mum as she went down to the streets to give a round of donation in the form of various essential items. Hundred packs of surgical masks, personal protection equipment and hand sanitisers for the medical personnels were all donated through the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini. Moreover, Patricia also donated around 5tonnes of rice to help the poor ones affected during the pandemic due to job loss. “As someone who has been able to enjoy so many blessings, I want to share some to help fellow Indonesians during the health outbreak,” Patricia said with a warm smile.

Foto: Dok. Patricia’s Instagram

As the city was entering the period of a large-scale movement restriction order, Patricia experienced some challenges with sourcing the materials. “With the increased demands for medical items, such as surgical masks and hand sanitisers, their prices have been soaring in recent weeks sometimes to a questionable point,” she said. “We once found a box of surgical masks costing around Rp400,000, which brought the question of authenticity of said items, and motivated us to find better suppliers who sell those medical items at a reasonable price with good quality.”

Supported by her family and team to help the less fortunate members of society, she is looking to make a siseable impact on the people she’s helped through The Heart of Patricia. “This is a charitable organisation that gives to different causes from sending aids to orphanages to distributing food for the homeless, and so much more,” Patricia said. “The Heart of Patricia will continue to provide assistance beyond the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting more humanitarian projects.” Even not long after the first round of donation coming straight out of her own pockets, she was already knocking on the doors of her relatives and company’s managements to gather the second round of contributions; this time, the impact would reach a wider audience in the whole province as Patricia had given it all through Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Candle in the Wind”, Tatler Indonesia, December Issue, 2019