Cartier Women’s Initiative, a Forum for Women’s Empowerment

Cartier Women’s Initiative, a Forum for Women’s Empowerment

11 March, 2022

Foto: Dok. Cartier

To mark 15 years anniversary celebration of the Cartier Women’s Initiative (CWI)’s first speaker series event will be held in conjunction with International Women Day on March 8th, 2022. This first speaker series is a panel discussion with trailblazing women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. The discussion will be hosted by Cecile Naour as CEO of Cartier Southeast Asia and Oceania. And also moderated by Eunice Olsen. The topic of this discussion is empowering women entrepreneurs as a force for good.

5 speakers who will be invited for the discussion are women entrepreneurs from across the Southeast Asia region. These powerful women were Proud Limpongpan as the CMO of Zipmex , Shinta Dhanuwardoyo as the founder and CEO of, Tu Ngo as the founder of NT Impact & Touchstone Partners, Nikasha Tawadey as the founder of Nika Singapore and India, and Jane Wang as the co-founder and CEO of Roceso Technologies.

On its 15th anniversary, Cartier Women’s Initiative also released an impact report. Since 2006, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has helped women impact entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by highlighting their achievements and providing them with financial, social and human capital support to grow their businesses and build their leadership skills. To mark the 15th anniversary of the program, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has placed Impact at the heart of its 2022 edition, looking back on the program’s progress, evolution and its impact so far.

To celebrate furthermore the impact of the program, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has unveiled for the very first time, 9 impact awardees former fellows whose businesses have achieved significant impact. The Impact Awards cover three categories: Improving Lives, Preserving the Planet and Creating Opportunities, which are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Three former fellows are recognized in each of these three categories.

There are three women who were awarded for improving lives. They are Rasha Rady, Nneka Mobisson, and Temie Giwa Tubosun. Rasha is from Egypt, while Nneka Mobisson and Temie Giwa Tubosun are both comes from Nigeria. They are awarded because of their works for improving the community lives by enabling technology to help people in their country.


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From right to left: Rasha Rady, Nneka Mobisson, and Temie Giwa Tubosun

The second category awardees are given to Joanne Howarth from Australia, Lorna Rutto from Kenya and Charlotte Wang from China. They are awarded for their contributions to eco-friendly ways of work to gain efficiency as well to preserve a more environmentally friendly alternative.


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From left to right: Joanne Howarth and Lorna Rutto

The last three award categories are for creating opportunities. These three personalities Carmina Bayombong from Philippines, Carol Chyau from China and Fariel Salahuddin from Pakistan are awarded because of their work to create opportunities in their country so that the community can progress.


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From left to right: Carmina Bayombong, Carol Chyau, and Fariel Salahuddin


The first prize awardee will take home US $100,000 in prize money, while the second and third runners-up will respectfully receive US $60,000 and US $30,000. Furthermore, these inspiring  9 awardees will each receive human capital support valued at US $10,000.

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