May 05, 2020

Cover Story: dr Natasha Cinta Vinski

Exclusively for Indonesia Tatler, dr Natasha Cinta Vinski opens up about the exciting future ahead of her as a wife and a businesswoman

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

Confident, consistent, and charming. These are the adjectives dr Natasha Cinta Vinski chose to describe herself and the qualities Indonesia Tatler has had the privilege to witness grow in her. One warm afternoon, gracefully she stepped out of a sleek Skyte helicopter sporting the latest Valentino resort collection amid the great outdoors of Kalimantan for our cover shoot. Natasha’s beautiful charisma undeniably shone bright as we snapped shots at different locations as fresh as her candour during our chat afterwards.

Just married, Natasha and her husband, Jery Borneo Putra, have now moved to a new house and happily preparing the design and interior to match their refined tastes and to mark a bright start for their journey ahead.

“Right now we’re having fun designing the house and picking out furniture,” Natasha said while taking us on a tour of the estate. For Jery, the garden is the most important place and reflects his love for Kalimantan’s biodiversity, while Natasha likes to spend time in the kitchen during the weekends. Here she paused and opened the oven to check on our lunch, all the while showing us a wink of her precious diamond engagement ring. “I’ve always loved cooking and baking as taught to me by my grandmother—especially for my husband. My signature recipe is sugar-free, healthy chocolate cookies, but Jery only likes it when I put sugar in the mix,” she said with a laugh.

Outside of all the bliss of their happy life as newlyweds, the decision to shoot this month’s cover in Kalimantan came naturally to highlight Natasha’s current work on the island through her foundation, Love for Humanity by NCV. The foundation is now building more public bathrooms and water systems in Kalimantan Tengah and Rote Island, the latter being a part of her grandfather’s heritage.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

Moreover, with her own growing Aero Queen and Skyte Aviation businesses, the two companies are steadily extending their partnerships with Dornier aircrafts outside Jakarta and will be opening the first lounge and hangar in Kalimantan’s Pangkalan Bun to provide amphibious aircraft to the Salat Islands, while another hangar will open in East Kalimantan. As a doctor, Natasha also still helps out her mum, Prof. dr Deby Vinski, at Vinski Towers, especially with its new VSC, or Vinski Stemcell Center, to help tackle degenerative and incurable diseases. “I always focus on my goals and am persistent in reaching them,” Natasha said when asked about the many roles she’s taken on. “So when there’s an opportunity, I seize it right away and learn the ropes along the way.”

The foundation also supports Jery’s companies, PT Sawit Sumber Mas Sarana Tbk and PT Citra Borneo Indah, and their work with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation for the rehabilitation and pre-release of the orangutans on the Salat Island that PT Sawit Sumber Mas Sarana Tbk purchased. As such, Natasha has officially been chosen as Pulau Salat’s ambassador for her support to protect the orangutans through Love Humanity NCV. Moreover, in Kalimantan Tengah, the foundation has also been involved in forest fire prevention efforts by bringing new technologies such as a fire-extinguishing ball. Weighing just around 1kg and brightly coloured red, the ball is lightweight to carry, and is easily spotted even amid smoke. To use, the ball is simply thrown into a fire and, within seconds, will safely burst to put out the fire.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

“We want to not only solve but also prevent forest fires, especially as next year’s drought is predicted to last longer,” she said. “My team is going to conduct tests with the fire-extinguishing ball tomorrow, and we hope to implement them at the soonest.” With such a spirit to always innovate and work hard, it is no wonder that Natasha is a leading figure in all the fields she has dedicated herself into.

Words by Edith Emeralda
Photography by Heri B. Heryanto
Styling by Clairice Halim
Make-up and Hair by Kenshie Lie
Wardrobe by Valentino
Location at PT Sawit Sumber Mas Sarana Tbk

Source: Emeralda, Edith, “La Dolce Vita”, Tatler Indonesia, December Issue, 2019


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