Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Anniversary

17 April, 2020

Tiffany & Co. celebrates its 180th birthday with the brand’s largest exhibition to date

Foto: Dok. Tiffany&Co Instagram

Made famous thanks to the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, together with the popular Tiffany blue box and the Tiffany Setting, Tiffany & Co. has earned a special place in every lady’s dresser and in her heart, successfully making its mark as one of the world’s foremost jewellers for nearly two centuries. To celebrate this proud milestone, Tiffany & Co. has opened its biggest-ever exhibition, which will run until November 10 in Shanghai.

Entitled “Vision & Virtuosity”, the 180th anniversary exhibition is a tribute to the brand’s journey, portraying the exquisite quality of artisanship and innovative designs since the late Charles Lewis Tiffany founded the company in New York in 1837. “Lying deep within the heart of Tiffany & Co., the exhibition represents its significant values of vision and virtuosity,” said CEO Alessandro Bogliolo. Visitors can delve into the breathtaking thematic journey of the company’s longstanding history in design and craftsmanship, which is divided into six chapters. 

One of the highlights is the Blue Is the Color of Dreams room, which showcases iconic pieces in the robin’s egg Tiffany blue colour that has played such an important role in Tiffany’s history since 1968. The precious stones on display are all similarly shaded blue, such as Montana sapphires and tanzanite. Meanwhile, The World of Tiffany room showcases its influence in the media and highlights the evolution of its iconic blue box. Furthermore, the Tiffany Blue Book room showcases the brand’s design evolution and the craftsmanship that has contributed to the world’s greatest love stories. These luxurious designs, such as Tiffany’s first engagement rings, the Tiffany Setting, and the Tiffany True engagement ring, are all displayed in the Tiffany Love room. Closing the journey, visitors can enjoy a look behind the scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and discover Tiffany’s most treasured jewels in the Diamonds: Miracles of Nature room.

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