dr. Oky Pratama Dipl. AAAM Shares His Secrets Behind The Success of Bening’s Group

dr. Oky Pratama Dipl. AAAM Shares His Secrets Behind The Success of Bening’s Group

12 November, 2021


To create a positive first impression matters, and dr. Oky Pratama Dipl. AAAM understands how people today care more for their health as part of an overall pleasing appearance. Women and men alike are paying close attention to maintaining their outlook. Specifically, in the beauty industry, the aesthetic medicine fields are now seeing rapid development. With skincare and medical cosmetology in mind, after studying medicine, dr. Oky pursued his passion for a degree from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Armed with newfound knowledge, in 2016, he first started to market his line from an online marketplace. It took only one year for dr. Oky’s clientele to grow exponentially, and so he opened Bening’s Clinic in the Jambi city of central Sumatra. His network of businesses today falls under Bening’s Group, including the clinic, Bening’s Indonesia and Bening’s Skincare; the latter comes with a factory to answer the rising demand. “By the year’s end, there would be 20 Bening’s Clinic in major cities around Indonesia,” dr. Oky said. “All of them are under my management without any franchise or profit-sharing system.”



Under his strict watch to ensure client’s satisfaction, Bening’s Clinic still goes strong during the Covid-19 pandemic by championing proper health protocols. Moreover, good customer service is key to Bening’s Skincare distribution through distributors, resellers, online marketplaces and Bening’s Clinic apps. “The beauty industry rises during the pandemic since people spend more time at home to care for their skin. Moreover, many opt to go to beauty clinics for some pampering and stress relief.” Furthermore, dr. Oky remarked how different locale focuses on specific skincare issues, such as anti-ageing and facial contouring for Tier 1 cities and pigmentations for Tier 2 cities.

“At the end of the day, one of my dreams is to open more international-level beauty clinics around the country: from the modern equipment to customer service and even the design,” dr. Oky said. “I am thankful that we could maintain this high standard for all Bening’s Clinics until today, which would further develop the beauty industry here.” It came to no surprise that the government would appreciate his efforts with awards, for example, the Best in Beauty Clinic title from the Ministry of Human Development and Culture in 2019. “For sure, I would not yet rest on my laurels and continue to be of service to my people, to open job opportunities and share knowledge with the next generation,” he said.



Along the way, dr. Oky also has learned how to create and maintain the brand image for Bening’s Group to be accepted throughout different levels of consumers. Although he is open to extending the group and brand within the region, his focus today is to strengthen its presence locally. As such, working together with a long list of loyal clients and brand ambassadors, including public figures and celebrities, dr. Oky is developing the group into OPRA Entertainment production house, Roofair streetwear brand and Warung OK’Key culinary venture.

Amid all of this busyness, however, dr. Oky still finds the time for a holiday between visits to savour beautiful local sites at each destination. “I enjoy what I do because this is my passion; moreover, it is never a burden when all is in balance,” he said. “You could consider me lucky to have people around me, from work partners to family and friends, who are supportive of my vision and mission. Within a prioritised structure, everything I do finds purpose and meaning when all is said and done.”


Written by Edith Emeralda,
Photography by Moza Wahyu
Concept and styling by Aldi Indrajaya
Makeup and hair by Carlos Shu