Enjoy The Best of Art And Culture In Hong Kong’s Up-And-Coming Culture Hub of West Kowloon

Enjoy The Best of Art And Culture In Hong Kong’s Up-And-Coming Culture Hub of West Kowloon

21 January, 2022

The charm of West Kowloon and surrounding artsy neighbourhood in Hong Kong


Enjoy outdoor activities at Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District. Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board


It’s no secret that Hong Kong offers many exciting destinations to visit and the West Kowloon Cultural District is one of them.

Famously known for being the art and culture hub of Hong Kong, the emerging neighbourhood connects the traditional craftsmanship, historic buildings, authentic dining and shopping experiences in the city to the new bustling energy of an international art and culture district.

In an effort to promote this up-and-coming neighbourhood, The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) recently launched a “West Kowloon” neighborhood campaign, after featuring popular promotions “Old Town Central” and “Sham Shui Po – Every Bit Local” in the  “Hong Kong Neighbourhoods” campaign.

The programme brings to light the district’s rich heritage and vibrant street life in Yau Ma Tei and Jordan along with  two new world-class museums – M+ and the Hong Kong Palace Museum as well as other museums in the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), including Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA).

Established in 1962, HKMoA is the first public art museum in the city, now custodian of an art collection of over 17,000 items, including sculptures, paintings, teaware, and calligraphy, representing the unique cultural legacy of Hong Kong’s connection across the globe.  Running along the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour, the stylish building covers 10,000 sq m of exhibition space, with 12 high-ceiling galleries and plenty of onsite dining options.

As art is inseparable from life, the West Kowloon neighborhood program also builds a bridge between the local life of the bustling communities of Yau Ma Tei and Jordan, which are home to many historical architecture sites, time-tested stores and traditional craftsmanship, and the artistic lure of the WKCD.

Throughout the continuous evolution and revitalization, the neighborhood has numerous astonishing experiences for the public and visitors to uncover. The campaign will draw people from across the city to rediscover it from new perspectives to drive in-depth local tourism and stimulate economic activities in the neighborhood while international borders are not fully opened.

If you are planning to visit the up-and-coming cultural district, here are some exciting places you should visit.



58569_B4 - Freespace _ Livehouse - 3 _1_0813_Facebook Landscape 1920 x 1080.jpg

Freespace, the newest centre for contemporary performances and Hong Kong’s largest black box theatre. Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board

Located in the heart of WKCD area, Freespace is Hong Kong’s newest centre for contemporary performances and has been built to push boundaries and promote creative exchanges. If you are looking to experience art in new ways, Freespace houses The Box, Hong Kong’s largest black box theatre, a perfect venue for experimental theatre and events, as well as multipurpose venues called The Room and The Studio, which are used for everything from workshops to exhibitions. You can also immerse yourself into fun entertainment and local delicacies at a nearby bar by having craft beers, cocktails, bar bites, and live music performances.


Hong Kong Cultural Centre


Open since 1989, Hong Kong Cultural Centre one of famous destinations for cultural entertainment

Continue your exploration of arts and creativity along the harbourfront by visiting the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Widely recognised for its photogenic façade, the multipurpose venue has long served as the foremost destination for cultural entertainment since its opening in 1989. Don’t miss a chance to catch a live performance, from ballet shows to theatre productions.




FAM, means “food, art, and music”, an amazing dining experience and Insta-worthy place

Meaning ‘food, art, and music,’ FAM combines cultural experiences with contemporary Chinese dining into one potent mix. Immerse yourself into the Art Deco vibe at this open-air restaurant with light installations and don’t miss a chance to enjoy the well-appointed interiors with plenty of sunlight and bold colours that will leave you with a plethora of Instagram-worthy photos. If you wish to have an amazing dining experience, FAM offers an incredible 180-degree view of Victoria Harbour and the grass lawn of Museum Drive. The best way to enjoy this restaurant is dining al fresco to appreciate their modern fusion interpretations of Chinese cuisine.


Xiqu Center

57504_West Kowloon_Xiqu Center IG spots_sundaybyshane.JPG

Xiqu Center, at WKCD is the city’s premier venue for Chinese Opera. Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board

Located on a 13,800 m² site of Canton Road and Austin Road West in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Xiqu Center is the city’s premier venue for Chinese Opera.

Known for its iconic façade – worth admiring for its interlocking pattern and undulating silhouette when the sunset reflects off of it – the venue features a 1,100-seat main theatre, public leisure space, 2,000m² of training and education facilities, a 120-seat seminar hall, rehearsal rooms and practice areas.

The area also incorporates theatre, arts, education, and public space in one place where visitors can enjoy an array of performances and musical concerts, ranging from folk and Chinese opera music to chamber music and choral performances.

Artistic endeavours at Xiqu Centre don’t just come in the form of performances, either; the elaborate costuming and make-up of its versatile performers are awe-inspiring as well, providing the perfect platform to educate new generations and out-of-towners on the cultural heritage of this traditional art form. The Tea House Theatre Experience is designed to ease new audiences into Cantonese opera, serving dim sum and tea during performances for a fun and engaging experience.


Sky 100


Sky100, see the beautiful of Hong Kong from 100th Floor of the International Commerce Centre

To enjoy the best view of the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Sky100 will be the best spot to visit. Located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre, sky100 is an observation deck like no other in Hong Kong. The deck offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong from a greatly elevated perspective. The sights stretching across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and beyond should be mesmerising enough, but should your attention wander, there are also other attractions to keep you entertained, such as interactive multimedia exhibits, a virtual reality station, and AR photo-taking.




Highest bar in the world, Ozone, enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view from 118th floor

Dubbed as the highest bar in the world, Ozone is located on the 118th floor of Ritz-Carlton hotel. Offers picturesque scenery and unique dining experience, the bar is predominantly blue-hued to match the sky outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, with an outdoor terrace to venture out onto. On cloudy days, the top of the ICC disappears from sight and visitors will find their city views shrouded with mist, giving a slightly ethereal vibe. In addition to its breathtaking panoramic view, guests can also enjoy lounge music, mixologist cocktails, Asian-style tapas, and Japanese specialities. End you adventurous journey here and dance the night away.

Dubbed as Hong Kong’s up-and-coming culture hub, West Kowloon has everything for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are an art vulture, architecture enthusiast or a passionate foodie, you will never run out of things to do in this vibrant district.

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