May 05, 2020

Family Legacy: Yohanes’s family share their story about building up a respectable business empire

Yohanes and Henny share their story about building up a respectable business empire across Indonesia through will- power and hard work

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are no magic shortcuts to success. Three life-changing factors—enormous amounts of hard work, vast experience full of trial and error, and having a growth-oriented mindset—will lead to a thriving and vibrant business venture. Such is the way of success for Yohanes and Henny’s family to have sustained a remarkable business in Surabaya for the past thirty years with several companies under their belt ranging from optical networks to telecommunications, property, and many more. First and foremost, the family is known as the owner of PT Dharma Kumala Utama, which is a fast-growing system integrator focusing on network and access solutions, and providing customised telecommunication networks, besides PT Alfa Fiber and PT Dharma Cell.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia March Issue 2019

In the beginning, PT Dharma Kumala Utama also handled various businesses, including networking deployment and maintenance. Over the years, those branches are only growing bigger and thus transformed into several subsidiaries. “Thanks to the One Above, we haven’t faced any serious obstacles when we were expanding the businesses and they kept on rising to the top, which is why my parents thought it would be the best solution to separate these offshoots from the main company,” said Patricia Mayoree, the only child and successor of the family enterprise. “To date, we have around 12 to 15 subsidiaries under the name of PT Dharma Kumala Utama alone.”

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia March Issue 2019

Moreover, the company has secured an exclusive partnership with the state-owned Telkom for its optical networks, and formed other partnerships with several big names such as Sumitomo Electric and Hewlett Packard. PT Alfa Fiber, on the other hand, had joined hands with PT Telkom Akses in providing telecommunications component services. On the wireless-network side, PT Dharma Cell teamed up with one of the country’s largest providers, Telkomsel, to reach into other sectors such as oil and gas companies. Under Yohanes and Henny’s clear direction towards the future coupled with an open mind to keep on learning, these companies have made significant impacts on the country’s economic growth by partnering with private companies across the archipelago, China and the States—a legacy to be continued by their precocious student and precious daughter.

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Family Legacy”, Tatler Indonesia, December Issue, 2019

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