‘Hong Kong Chef’s Playbook’ Invites Audience to Discover the City’s Bustling Culinary Scene

‘Hong Kong Chef’s Playbook’ Invites Audience to Discover the City’s Bustling Culinary Scene

8 November, 2021

Photo courtesy: Time Out

When it comes into culinary scene, Hong Kong topped the list as one of the most exciting and diverse restaurant capitals in the world. The dynamic global city where East meets West, the “Asia’s World City” has been known for its bustling gourmet food scene, offering  wide range of culinary experiences that encompass uniquely local encounters to the best of international food. From simple local delights at Cha Chaan Teng (local cafes), to classic Cantonese dishes at Dai Pai Dongs (street stalls), to sophisticated wine dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants, Hong Kong has it all to satisfy the palate of epicureans across the globe. However, due to the temporary travel restrictions in some countries many of us yearn for the days of adventurous trip and culinary hopping

To provide virtual experience of the city’s burgeoning culinary scene, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Michelin Guide presents Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook, a series featuring Michelin star chefs and their love affair with Hong Kong. In this series, Hong Kong Chef’s Playbook will bring you closer to some of Hong Kong’s most famous chefs such as Vicky Lau, Shane Osborn, Vicky Cheng and restaurant owner, Danny Yip, as they visit some of the best places in the neighbourhood and share some of their secrets in sourcing the freshest and finest local produce influenced by the splendour of metropolitan cities such as Yau Ma Tei, Wong Tai Sin, Tai O and Aberdeen Market.

The city’s reputation as a gastronomic destination was cemented in 2009, when the Michelin Guide debuted in the city, bestowing 31 stars on 22 top restaurants. Since its release, the Guide has created an instant buzz among foodies, making Hong Kong the hot bed for Asia’s best food and provide playground for ambitious chefs to make their mark.

Inviting culinary enthusiasts around the world to experience the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong’s culinary scene, each talent featured will unveil their individual playbooks based on their unique culinary background and finesse. Sharing their inspirations, culinary secrets and personal tips, the four accomplished chefs will uncover hidden gems in various neighbourhoods and their affinity to these places while discovering new places along the way.


Vicky Lau, Tate Dining Room | Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Yau Ma Tei with Vicky Lau

Asia’s first and only female chef Vicky Lau of two-Michelin-starred Tate Dining Room honed her talent abroad and returned to Hong Kong to pursue her culinary career. Born and raised in the beautiful city, Lau is adamant about using local produce in her signature French-Chinese cuisine, as evidenced by the “edible stories” in her rotating “Ode to” menu, which highlights a single humble ingredient or theme at a time, such as eggs, rice, soy sauce, tea, and tofu.

In this first episode of the four-part series, the talented chef take viewers in a trip through Yau Ma Tei, the bustling historical district in the heart of West Kowloon to showcase the rich authentic local culture.

Follow her adventurous journey as she uncovers the source behind her creativity.


Shane Osborn, Arcane | Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Wong Tai Sin with Shane Osborn

Chef Shane Osborn is no stranger to Micheline awards. The Netflix’s The Final Table finalist is the only Australian in the world with two stars under his belt thanks to his time at restaurant Pied à Terre in London. After 20 years of career in the UK, he moved to Hong Kong in 2012 and opened St. Betty before setting up his own place, Arcane in 2014. Despite having called Hong Kong home for almost a decade, he still finds new inspiration from exploring the city’s hidden gems and love to celebrate local ingredients through his signature dish at his one-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Besides his interest in locally source ingredients, he is also known for his passion for plant-based cuisine, sustainability and ethical sourcing, which play a big part in his own cooking practices. In the series’ second installment, Osborn walk us through the streets of Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong’s only landlocked district and home to multiple temples and gardens.

With an abundance of greenery and open parks, the place is the perfect source of inspiration for him and his mission of promoting sustainability.

Watch the video to follow his journey as he sheds light on the importance of supporting local businesses and reducing carbon footprints as well as his favourite local destinations that inspire his culinary masterpieces.


Vicky Cheng, VEA | Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Tai O with Vicky Cheng

Born in Hong Kong, Vicky Cheng was trained in the culinary management program at George Brown College in Toronto. A decade ago, he returned to the city and set up VEA in 2016. Barely 36 years old at the time, he successfully won a Michelin star in its first year of operations and created waves with his fusion concept of “Frenchifying Chinese food.”

One of the most highlighted dishes in VEA is his signature salted fish and bok choy, which inspired by a Cantonese song from his childhood, and has been on the restaurant’s menu for six years.

In the third episode of the series, Vicky will take us on a journey to Tai O, a place where the salted fish is sourced and discover the century-old shrimp paste-making traditions as well as other hidden gems in the quaint fishing village.


Danny Yip, The Chairman | Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Aberdeen with Danny Yip

For those who are looking to get the taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine, The Chairman will be the perfect place to visit. Owned by Chef Danny Yip, the one-Michelin-starred restaurant has won many accolades, cementing its place as one of the best fine dining in Asia.

After spending over a decade opening restaurants in Canberra, Australia, the Hong Kong born chef found his true calling, which encourage him to return to his howetown. His reason for opening The Chairman was simple – to do Cantonese cuisine his way, focusing on original recipes and the best local ingredients to bring out the essence of Cantonese flavours.

In this last episode of the series, the Innovative restaurateur will take us on a journey to Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, the biggest and longest-running fresh seafood market in Hong Kong where he source fresh ingredients.

Seafood is a key component in Cantonese cuisine, which is evident in The Chairman’s signature dishes, including razor clams steamed with aged lemon and mixed herbs, and steamed fresh flower crab with aged Shaoxing wine.

Watch the videos to discover what the city’s has to offer to satisfy your taste buds.

As we are waiting for the world to recover from the pandemic, ‘Hong Kong Chef’s Playbook’ could be the ultimate guide to complete your culinary wishlist.