Indonesia Tatler Traveler Issue 4

Indonesia Tatler Traveler Issue 4

17 December, 2014


With the ongoing student protests that have run quite peacefully, Hong Kong, arguably Asia’s largest financial hub and metropolis, has proved once again its economic and tourism resilience. Despite the political turmoil, Hong Kong will remain attractive as one of the world’s most vibrant destinations, as it maintains key characteristics that other historic yet developed cities in the world take pride on; that is, openness, tourism, trade, and investment.

We recently sent our team to the Pearl of the Orient and took our socialite darling, Erika Santoso, with us for our cover photo shoot. There, she struck a pose at Hong Kong’s landmarks, which represent the city’s rich history and development. A budding entrepreneur based in Semarang, she says she loves Hong Kong for its stylish landscapes and the shopping experience it has to offer; it’s indeed one of the cities in the world that blends Eastern and Western influences successfully. “Whether the sophistication reflected in the city’s architecture or the small, winding lanes that would excite you, Hong Kong offers many options for lifestyle tourists,” Erika told us.

Inside, you’ll also find a travel story written by our photographer contributor, Grace Gunawan, who travelled off the beaten path to Labuan Bajo. Sitting in the western end of Flores, in the eastern part of Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo is one rare hidden gem whose worth and importance are yet to be discovered: its pristine blue waters, the Komodo dragons, the enchanting wildlife, and more—all are sights to behold and experience. Last but not least, we also take you to all over the world, from Lhasa, Tibet to Andrematt in the Swiss Alps, and to Chateau Saint Martin in Provence, France, where we had the chance to stay at the world’s most luxurious hotels and experience its unrivalled hospitality. Read on, and enjoy your holiday season!