Photo courtesy of Richard Mille


Among the best Swiss brands, there is one famous for its technical innovation and fine watchmaking thanks to its architectural marvels and high-end aesthetic. With technicity deeply rooted in the brand’s approach,  Richard Mille is famed for its highly-complex chronograph collection. For five years, its watchmakers tirelessly develop and explore the technology and complex mechanism beyond the world of split-seconds chronographs. As a result, today, the king of horology unveils its first RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph, continuing the success of previous high-end watches, such as the first split-seconds chronographs RM 004.



Photo courtesy of Richard Mille

With over 600 components, it is no wonder that the highly complex sports timepiece is said to be the most complex automatic creation ever to leave the Maison workshops—tickling the desire of many luxury watch collectors to own it. The new RM 65-01 has plenty of surprises behind its skeletonized dial and multicoloured indicators. The timepiece is equipped with a function selector on the micro-blasted, satin-finished grade 5 titanium gear-boxed crown. This crown allows its wearer to switch between conventional winding, date adjustment, and setting the time.



Photo courtesy of Richard Mille


Another mechanical milestone of pure genius is the brand’s first in-house patented rapid-winding mechanism for RM 65-01, in addition to its automatic winding and winding with the crown. The pusher at 8 o’clock helps the watch owner to wound the barrel fully in 125 presses. In the event the watch stops, this function allows rearming of the barrel quickly. Powering this mechanism to maximize the rotor’s winding motion is calibre RMAC4 with newly-designed variable geometry, made in partnership with high-end movement specialist Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier.

The calibre delivers high frequency balance with variable inertia -5 Hz or equal to 36,000 vibrations per hour with an integrated split-seconds chronograph. With its six-column wheel architecture and vertical coupling on grade-5 titanium chassis and bridges, the energy received maintains an ideal torque for full 60-hour power reserve. As such, the RM 65-01 has a superior timekeeping accuracy over an extended period, and its stopwatch function measures to 1/10th of a second. It is not surprising that RMAC4 becomes one of the most remarkable calibres in Richard Mille collection.



Photo courtesy of Richard Mille


This incredible movement is all encased in extra-light and durable Carbon TPT®️ materials. Measuring 50mm, its rubber strap with folding clasp completes the sporty look. Moreover, it has undergone a series of tests to prove its correct function under any duress, from shock and drop simulations to accelerated 10-year ageing phases and many more tests. Besides being the sportiest choice for everyday escapades, for an extra touch of luxury, the RM 65-01 also comes in a combination of Carbon TPT®️ & Red Gold and Carbon TPT®️. Go to richardmille.com to learn more about this technical beauty before visiting one of its global boutiques.

Written by Hesikios Kevin
All Image by Richard Mille