Introducing the Newly Relaunched

Introducing the Newly Relaunched

12 January, 2016
Dok. Indonesia Tatler

Dok. Indonesia Tatler


Dear readers,

We have great pleasure in introducing to you the newly relaunched website of Indonesia Tatler at

After revamping, updating, and polishing up, the new is up and running with a fresh new look, improved navigation, and more comprehensive information dedicated to our readers.

The new website has a fresh and modern appearance. It is simpler and cleaner so as to ensure that information is clear and easy to understand, and it features a very user-friendly browsing experience.

With this new website, our goal is to provide a positive user experience on every device. The new is optimised for both desktop and mobile platforms, and users are able to sift by category as well as dig deeper into articles, photo galleries, and videos.

We have also have created different sections, which allow you to find anything related to the world of luxury lifestyles. From Fashion & Beauty, Watches & Jewellery, Travel, Dining, Homes, Cars, Arts & Culture, Weddings, Wealth, Society and Events, right up to the famous Indonesia Tatler 500 List, we provide you with information about luxury lifestyles as well as exciting updates related to Indonesian high society.

In addition, we have added a video section and a “share” button on every page, so you can share all the inspiration you find on our site with your own audience.

So we invite you, our valued readers and business partners, to visit We hope you enjoy the new site and visit it regularly, as we update it with fresh, new content every day.

You can also follow us on our popular social media pages: Twitter: @indonesiatatler; Instagram: @indonesiatatler; Facebook: Indonesia Tatler; and YouTube: Indonesia Tatler.

Your feedback on all our digital products is both welcomed and encouraged. For more information, please email to (editorial), (advertising & sales), and (circulation & subscription), and we will get back to you soon.

As always, thank you for your continued support.