Jeremy Thomas: Passing on a Legacy

Jeremy Thomas: Passing on a Legacy

16 March, 2021

Just like how Hennessy carved its long-standing history, Jeremy Thomas aims to leave a legacy that stands the test of time. The prolific actor undergoes another chapter of his career in a business endeavour, with his passion for creativity as its anchor.

by Diella Yasmin

Image by Jeremy Thomas


After reaching success in the entertainment industry, Jeremy Thomas has established himself as one of the most respected actors of our generation. Always up for any challenges and strives for excellence, he is now establishing a career in the business world with the aim of having a legacy worth leaving behind.

Start small and do it diligently: these words might as well be the theme in Jeremy Thomas’s career journey. In the entertainment industry today, he is known as one of the most respected actors and has garnered more than two dozen titles under his belt.

Having achieved a successful career, the star-turned director is now in another chapter of his life with his Production House company, Creative Power Management (CPM). Based in England and Indonesia, CPM is a production house that supports every creative output, with a wide portfolio of services and an expanding network of clientele from various industries.

Being his own boss in the creative business, Jeremy always challenges himself to be curious and hungry for knowledge. To expand his craft, he actively discusses and seeks advice from experts in the industry.

When it comes to choosing the best companion during these discussions, Hennessy X.O is always his primary choice. “Just like Hennessy that always strives to continue being the most innovative cognac maker, it is important for forward-thinking leaders to keep evolving and be versatile.”

Living life as a successful actor, Jeremy does not only set a great example to the young generation of entertainers but also his two children, Axel Matthew Thomas and Valerie Thomas, who have both taken interests in acting and business. Just like himself, Jeremy always encourages his children to work hard and never stop learning. Despite his busy schedules, he also strives to guide and empower his children in their respective careers.

“As a father, I want my children to leave an impactful mark in their life and others. Among the many reasons why I established my own creative house, one of them is to help prepare the right career paths for my children that are aligned with their passions.”

Jeremy believes that his hard work and continued contribution in the creative industry will be a legacy worth leaving to his children. Just like how Hennessy crafts the best quality cognac through an elaborate process, Jeremy is hopeful that as his children undergo the process of achieving success, they will grow with time-tested skills, qualities, and long-lasting values.

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