Tatler Feature: Jeremy Thomas X Hennessy X.O

Tatler Feature: Jeremy Thomas X Hennessy X.O

11 January, 2021

The name Jeremy Thomas at once recalls an image of a pepper-grey haired urbane star. After 27 years in the Indonesian entertainment industry, Jeremy has amassed a gripping body of works and matured finely much like Hennessy X.O. After appearing in many commercials, one fated meetings with media magnate Raam Punjabi brought his talents to the spotlight and started his successful career. With his versatility and keen eyes, Jeremy quickly and naturally learned the trade beyond acting.



The star-turned-director is currently building his entertainment empire through Creative Power Management. However, his road to success was not easy to navigate. Jeremy had gone through years of intense training to earn his place as one of the most prolific actors to come from the 90s generation. “Being a great actor and producer means being versed in many skills,” he said. “I have to be disciplined, master the art of body language, and many more.” These are just a few lessons that contributed to his character and the success of his whole career. Today, Jeremy instils these points in his children that are the future stars of the industry.



Living life with his family in the showbiz world, Jeremy enjoys having a nice glass of cognac on ice to celebrate the pinnacle of his achievements. One could easily picture him sitting together with fellow legendary actors, and sharing a bottle of Hennessy X.O while conversing about the industry. As such, it came to no surprise for Jeremy to collaborate creatively with his favourite cognac brand. “I am very pleased to partner with Hennessy X.O, which has long had a reputation as a premium choice for any cultured gentleman who can take a real drink,” he said. “I strongly believe that such a gentleman is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader, someone who had gone through thick and thin to achieve his goals and milestones, and has a duty to mentor the next generation. Hence why Hennessy X.O has earned its spot as a drink of choice for the best of the best”


Written by Hesikios Kevin
Taken from Indonesia Tatler January Issue 2021
Image by Hennessy X.O and Jeremy Thomas