February 10, 2021

John Spence: Shaping The Future of Karma Group Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Image by Karma Group


As the hospitality industry steadily rises within the past decade, there are plenty of options for resorts and hotels to choose around the globe that offers excellent services. However, during the pandemic, many of them might not survive the crisis. Establishments are going the extra mile to ensure the best experience for their guests and to stay afloat. Karma Group, on the other hand, did more than just surviving. Last year, the group added four more awards under its belt, which further cements its position as a leader in the industry.

The Karma Group is one of the most prominent global luxury brands, firmly establishing itself as a pioneer in the industry. Beloved by travel enthusiasts for its range of multifaceted, comprehensive luxury offerings, this award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offers extraordinary experiences and exclusive curated entertainment at the world’s most beautiful locations. Behind its success is the Founder and Chairman, John Spence. The British-born entrepreneur is one of the most respected trail-blazers and free-thinkers in the travel, architecture and entertainment industries. Spence revolutionized the standards of services and redefined luxury in the hospitality industry, and Karma Group today is synonymous with experiences that transcend expectations.


Image by Karma Group


His journey to build the hospitality empire started more than two decades ago. Starting his career as a music manager in London, Spence discovered a passion and burning love for the world of travel while touring with the bands. Soon enough, he switched his career to hospitality and never looked back since. “I had little experience developing the first two hotels in Goa and Bali, and had to learn it all by doing,” he said. “We now know that the key is to train the local people because they understand the culture and custom better than us.”

With an established teamwork and training structure, Spence could quickly dispatch a team from one of Karma Group’s 37 global properties to help develop yet another resort. A team from Bali, for instance, had come to Karma Salak—a newly-opened resort in the Puncak area at the base of Mount Salak—to prepare the property that opened in late 2020.


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