May 05, 2020

Junita Liesar shares with Indonesia Tatler about her experiences with Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Centre

Toned Up

Junita Liesar shares with Indonesia Tatler about her experiences with Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Centre and the kind of outcomes she gets from their treatments

To get your body fit and toned is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially for those who have a very packed schedule and who can’t always find the time to work on a specific fitness regime. Luckily for Junita Liesar, she has found the treatments that answer her needs at Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Centre, which helps her maintain her body at its optimal shape.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

How did you first find out about Nurtura Aesthetic & Wellness Centre?
I learned about it from my friends and family. They told me about this clinic that has all the best high-end technology, so I decided to give it a go. It is conveniently located near the places where I do most of my activities, and it fulfils my aesthetic needs perfectly.

What makes the EmSculpt technology particularly appealing to you?
I undergo most of my aesthetic treatments in Los Angeles, and EmSculpt is really a trend there. I was quite surprised that the technology is here at Nurtura. EmSculpt is exactly what I need because I like to keep my figure toned and my rear-end lifted. However, I still do yoga regularly and I maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well to keep my body fit and healthy.

Can you tell our readers what it’s like when you have EmSculpt?
It’s similar to doing 20,000 crunches and squats during a super-high-intensity workout, which is near impossible to do by myself with such a hectic schedule. All in all, 30 minutes in Nurtura is all it takes to get the same effects.

What are the most noticeable changes after just a few treatments at Nurtura?
I can see the tones and contours of my abs again despite not doing my regular exercise, which is amazing. My rear-end is becoming rounder, firmer, and more lifted, and I can wear my jeans and evening gowns with ease—I like how it all looks flawless.

What is your favourite treatment?
Well, of course, it’s EmSculpt. I also like Nurtura’s other body contouring treatments. They really work like magic! It also has treatments for men, so I can bring my husband along with me.


Source: N, Aditya, “Toned Up”, Tatler Indonesia, December Issue, 2019

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