Kinez Riza on Indonesia Tatler November 2014

Kinez Riza on Indonesia Tatler November 2014

5 November, 2014


This month, we’re celebrating the 14th anniversary of our beloved magazine, and it means a lot to us in that we feel honoured to have served you for more than a decade, and to keep you entertained and inspired by the stories we have to offer.

Gracing our cover this month is our favourite young talent, Kinez Riza. Kinez is a bubbly young lady with a penchant for art and photography. She’s always been on the go since we did our cover photo shoot in August, exploring far-flung places all over the world to satiate her thirst for new knowledge and discoveries, capturing and immortalising them with her camera. We have so much respect for any young talents who try to make a difference in this world, in their own unique way, and Kinez is no exception. I still remember talking to her and listening to her stories and dreams. And she always has new insights into and deep perspectives on all the issues we face today—she’s like a breath of fresh air.

Want to know more about Kinez Riza? Just watch behind the scene of our interview with her and read our anniversary issue edition!

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