September 10, 2020

Louis Vuitton features its iconic initials in creative geometric patterns for the latest unisex jewellery

As a famously French fashion powerhouse, Louis Vuitton, endearingly shortened into LV, has always been one step ahead when it comes to fashionable collections that lead the trend and market globally. As a brand that shines in the competitive luxury market today amid the economic slowdown, LV is shaking up the jewellery industry with its latest LV Volt collection. Aiming to make a gender-neutral range of accessories, Watches and Jewellery Artistic Director, Francesca Amfitheatrof successfully made an array of fine jewellery by using the initials “l” and “v” into simple, yet intricate pieces.

Just like its name, LV Volt is full of metaphors about movement and momentum, and as a symbol of speed, which offers abstract shapes, firm angles and intersecting chain the initials linked together in different ways to create texture, volume and dimension. The results are fluid and energetic forms made from prismatic shapes and tubular structures.

Wearing the LV Volt in stacks is the best way to express different styles of both the wearer and the pieces themselves. Mix two or more open-ended bangles with the stacked rings in its combination of gold and silver, all together to amp up the everyday glamour. Meanwhile, the link necklace with entwined patterns and matching earrings are exquisite additions to spice up any little black dress. Thanks to its elegant and bold design, the LV Volt collection is a stunning tribute to the years of history and innovation at Louis Vuitton as reflected through the unique and modern design.


Written by Hesikios Kevin
All image by Louis Vuitton
Taken from Tatler Indonesia September Issue, 2020
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