June 07, 2021

Macallan Introduce Its Newest Addition “The Macallan Edition No 6”

The live music, a happy ambience and an illuminated bar brighten up the Oak Room Whisky Bar in the Senopati area, South Jakarta, for a lively night to introduce Macallan’s newest addition. Titled “Tales of the River”, the sharply dressed ladies and gentlemen at the small-scale event were having a great time chatting amiably. The event started with
Macallan’s team giving a warm welcome followed by a presentation about its fine drinks, including the latest The Macallan Edition No 6. Guests were then allowed to taste the brandnew whisky and were fascinated with its rich flavours of toffee, ginger, vanilla and fruit flavour notes. To complement the joyous night and tasty whisky, everyone enjoyed a delicious fusion cuisine while discussing the marvellous pairing.



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