Meet Our Gen. T Honouree of the Month: Andree Susanto

Meet Our Gen. T Honouree of the Month: Andree Susanto

17 January, 2022

After returning from the US, Andree started a distribution company for trucking companies, franchised car dealers, and retails shops. Andree then moved on from his previous business and started Waresix with Edwin, his university classmate. Both Berkeley graduates created the business plan due to the difficulty and distance they faced upon sending products over distances. Andree and Edwin had the idea to create an integrated business-to-business logistic system using the online system.

Trust is the most valuable thing in life. For my business, I do not have any non-liquid assets. The stakeholders chose Waresix based on their trust in what we can deliver. In the early days, I socialised the platform widely and slowly gained the confidence of many partners until Waresix could collaborate with hundreds of trucks and warehouses today. Going ahead, I hope to work with more vertical and horizontal businesses.

We are selective in choosing our vendors. Some products are easy to deliver because they have a longer shelf-life. On the other side, fish, dairy and meat products have a shorter shelf-life. With limited time for delivery, we carefully match the types of goods according to our vendor’s capabilities to keep the customer satisfied.

Customer-first, ownership, and open-mindedness are three main points in Waresix. Customers are the backbone of every business, including Waresix. I always emphasise to the team on putting the customer needs and resolving any problems as quickly as possible to keep them pleased. Another point is belonging because if the people who work for Waresix feel they belong to the job and company, they will give the best in this service industry. Lastly, I believe in being adaptable to any situation by being open-minded. Everyone has their strength, but it is crucial to accept advice and insight from other people. That is the key for people in this company to grow.

Infrastructure is the main issue in delivering goods in rural areas. Some places, especially outside Java, are hard to reach, and the roads are not suitable for big trucks and containers. We solve this problem by choosing the right vehicle to distribute the products to several places. Waresix built many small warehouses across the country as points of transfer. Whenever the big container could not pass through several paths, the smaller ones would take charge.

Having the right partner is everything. In personal and professional aspects, whom you are walking with is crucial. My wife and my co-founders are my strength, and they are the ones who believed in me to become who I am today. The endless support and trust are what people need to walk in this life. My advice is to find someone who trusts and supports you to achieve success.