Pala Adas Dedicates Itself to Preserving Local Cuisine Without Sacrificing the Authentic Flavour

Pala Adas Dedicates Itself to Preserving Local Cuisine Without Sacrificing the Authentic Flavour

2 May, 2021

The culinary traditions of Indonesia, coloured by rich cultures and histories spanning over 17,000 islands, use a wide variety of fresh spices and herbs for flavouring and nutritional benefits. Although more restaurants these days focuses on Western cuisine, many establishments see a need to preserve Indonesian cuisine. One of the restaurants with this culinary mission is Pala Adas, located in one of the city’s top culinary hotspots of Pantai Indah Kapuk in North Jakarta. Since opening its doors in 2012, Pala Adas continues to hold the top spot among premium Indonesian restaurant by consistently delivering tasty, diverse menus to loyal diners.

As a new normal begins amid the Covid-19 pandemic, May Farida, as the owner, reopened Pala Adas in a new location with strict health and safety measures. “The pandemic has changed the way we dine in restaurants. Practising social distancing is important to keep all customers and my employees safe and healthy,” she said. “Therefore, to meet the health regulations, we have adjusted our restaurant concept where diners need to book the table first to avoid overcrowding.”



In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, Pala Adas gears up for the blessed occasion with its special culinary package for donations. “Ramadan is the perfect time for bringing everyone closer to each other,” May said. “It is no secret that Ramadan is synonymous with the spirit of giving, which is why one of the ways to give back to our community is through food donation. This special food donation package comes with kelulut honey to help the immune system functions at its best.”

Chef Salmanto, head of the kitchen, also cooks up some more popular dishes perfect for dining together with the family. Among the many Pala Adas specialities, favourites include Gurame Pesmol, Deep Fried Duck with Green Chili, Corn Fritters, Pindang soup, and the iconic Pala Adas Fried Chicken. “These main courses are usually paired with warm rice and sambal sauce if you like it spicy,” he said. “With such comforting flavours, it is best to have some refreshing beverages, such as lemon tea, to enhance the entire dining experience.”


May then added a note that these menus only use first-class local products and Indonesian spices. “When we use the freshest and best ingredients, the rich layers of flavours make for unique, flavourful aromas in every dish. Our fine-dining services and spacious VIP rooms also provide a more private setting for those coming in groups.” To make reservations, please contact (+62) 8192-888-2998.


Written by Hesikios Kevin
Photography by Heri B. Heryanto and Arbert Connery
Published on Tatler Indonesia May Issue 2021