Pamper Your Five Senses With These Restaurants Worth-Visiting In Seminyak Bali

Pamper Your Five Senses With These Restaurants Worth-Visiting In Seminyak Bali

8 May, 2020

Located in the heart of popular Seminyak, Bali, the upscale Kanvaz Resort Seminyak steals the heart of the visitors with a wide array of lavish features, including their sophisticated dining venues. From the rich-flavoured local cuisines to international dishes, be sure to stop in for an intimate lunch or romantic dinner on these three hidden-gem restaurants in the bustling Seminyak.

by Hesikios Kevin

The Terrace


Foto: Dok. The Terrace Instagram

Warm and welcoming, The Terrace restaurant becomes the perfect spot for the coming guests to have a friendly yet stimulating conversation. Inspired from Indonesian’s homey terrace, the restaurant strives to be the perfect breakfast place where guests can have comfortable chats around the table over food. Elevate your breakfast experience with the tastiest dishes ever made in front of 100m sparkling pool surrounded by sub-tropical garden and fascinating ambience of nature. Start your day with a gulp of sweet and warm tea with a wide array of delicious delicacies, from the fulfilling eggs benedict to its popular pisang goreng with flavourful caramel.

Kaza Inspirational Restaurant


Foto: Dok. Kaza Inspirational Restaurant

Presenting a magical dining experience, Kaza Inspirational Restaurant will excite the dining’s taste buds with naturally sourced ingredients. Helmed by the renowned chef Cyril Boulais, all the food is made with love. One of the stars of the menu is the delicious Wagyu steak where it is specially cooked to be incredibly tender and soft, with a delicious addition of truffle jus, brussels sprouts, and lettuce. During the festive season, immerse yourself in the joy of Christmas with their Christmas Brunch and enjoy its sumptuous menus such as the juicy Traditional Roasted Turkey with all the trimmings starting from Rp880.000.

R. U. Coco


Foto: Dok. R U Coco Instagram

After a day spent on exploring the featured clubs on Seminyak, R. U. CoCo is a worth-visiting restaurant to satisfy the hunger and get all the nutritional vitamins. Located on the left side of the entrance to the beautiful Kanvaz Resort Seminyak, the artistic restaurant offers not only a wide variety of organic dishes, but also classic favourites such as Black Pepper Burger and Scallion Pancake.  Don’t let the hunger get into the fun adventure by grabbing some healthy and fulfilling Coco Bowls menus and pack some powerful health perks with their 100 percent juice.

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