Patricia Mayoree Goes Bold for this Season’s Festive Makeup.

Patricia Mayoree Goes Bold for this Season’s Festive Makeup.

19 December, 2020

Step 1
Moisturize well before adding a setting base to ensure that your makeup would stay on for the whole day. Next, use foundation to build a flawless base and forget not concealer even out the skin tone, which also works best to hide any redness of the skin. Apply the concealer horizontally on the centre of the forehead and down the centre of the nose. Work on the under-eye next before moving to the top of the chin, dabbing it in a curving arch. Lastly, add concealer under the bottom lip. Gently blend all it into the surrounding skin followed by setting the face with translucent setting powder for a glowing look.

Step 2
Apply bronzer along the cheeks and then sweep it across the jawline, reaching down to the chin; this technique would help slim the face and shaping the jawline well. Blush the apples of the cheeks with a pink tone for a fresh and flirty look. Do not forget to put on highlights: on the bridge of the nose, across the tops of the cheekbones, in the inner corners of the eyelids, on the brow bone, above the cupid’s bow, in the centre of the forehead, and on the centre of the chin. All of these highlights would create a structured and well-balanced face.

Step 3
Follow the contour of your real eyebrows and fill in just enough with the same colour as the hair follicles. For the eye shadow, make it dramatic by colouring the eyelid with a reddish palette and brownish for the underline to your tone. Line the upper eyelids with white eyeliner for an edgy Santa Claus-inspired look and use black eyeliner to fill the bottom eyelid line for a better eye shape. Add diamond appliques for some sparkle and mascara for dramatic lashes.

Step 4
Any terracotta lip shades for the base lip colour will keep it youthful and balanced with the bold eyes. Add moisturizing gloss or balm for healthy and plump lips before topping it all off with setting spray. You are good to go either for small year-end family gatherings or virtual Christmas parties; this look definitely would steal the attention.

The celebrations this year would be a bit different with most parties happening digitally, and the few left are small in gathering to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19. Colourful eye makeup is the key to brighten any celebration this season, as inspired by the jolly Father Christmas and shown by the cheerful Patricia Mayoree. Above all, with more time spent at home, this year is the time to take better care of your skin to restore that youthful glow.
Mayoree keeps her daily skincare simple with dry skin soap to clean the impurities followed by moisturizers and sunblock to keep her skin protected during the day. At night, rejuvenating cream and lip balm would nourish the face and lip after a busy workday. Treatments are equally important, such as Vbeam laser to reduce redness and rejuvenation laser for tightening and brightening the skin. Mayoree also recommends high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to slim the face and micro-needling with radiofrequency and gold metal tools would help to make pores smaller.