April 18, 2020

Peace Makers: A hidden sanctuary on Gili Meno

Enjoy a breathtaking break at one of Bali’s finest collection of resorts, or find solitude and sanctuary on Gili Meno

When it comes to unwinding after a tough time at work or simply as a break from the city norms, what you need, above all, is a place where you can relax, refresh, and let your cares fade away as quickly as waves wash down a beach. So let The Island Houses, which are some of
the most desirable places to be in Bali, lead you away from the bustling streets of Seminyak and into respite and retreat.

The Desu House is a blissful blend of colourful abodes comprising three lavish villa suites radiating a bohemian and vintage atmosphere. The well-furnished villas are infused with unique colonial-style and tropical charm, boasting artful architecture and vintage decorations. Here, arched doorways and the luxurious chequerboard floor tiles are complemented by soft oriental carpets that add a retro yet lavish touch. And right outside is a sparkling swimming pool surrounded by exotic gardens filled with tropical plants and trees, all making The Desu House a peaceful haven for those seeking a peaceful paradise.

Foto: Dok. Indonesia Tatler December Issue 2019

Meanwhile, for an intimate and cosy holiday with your partner, the romantic Pandan House is the ideal choice. Also set in the heart of Seminyak, it offers a strategic starting point from which to visit any local attraction, from hip beach clubs to high-end shopping centres and spas. Featuring a tropical open-concept design, guests can take a dip in the swimming pool or just simply sit and enjoy the beautiful
garden outside an opulent en-suite bathroom with a deep soaking tub and an open-air shower.

Foto: Dok. Indonesia Tatler December Issue 2019

For an even-more-secluded haven, The Crusoe Beach House is the perfect little sanctuary for those seeking true tranquillity. Hidden far from the crowds and surrounded only by the sea on the tiny island of Gili Meno, all of the structures are built from natural materials such as
timber, bamboo, and rattan—perfectly in harmony with the surrounding nature. Features include lavish hut-style bedrooms, shady verandas, and open-air bathroom facilities. Guests can enjoy snorkelling with sea turtles and much more simply by donning goggles and taking a dip right on the doorstep of the only private house on Gili Meno island.

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