Signature Style: Ghea Panggabean

Signature Style: Ghea Panggabean

18 April, 2020

Indonesia Tatler peeks inside notable socialites’ and designers’ wardrobes to unearth the secret sauces behind their fashionable flair—with some surprising finds

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December 2019


When it comes to iconic Indonesian fashion designers, Ghea Panggabean’s name always appears among the A-listers, and fittingly so. Named as one of 10 Best Asean Designers in Singapore during the late ‘80s, her Pelangi jumputan textiles, which are also known as kain pelangi due to their colours coming from the tie-dye technique for creating motifs, remain loved until today. Jumputan is one of her favourite fabrics owing to its similarity to a rainbow, which represents life and new hope.

From Ghea’s point of view, any traditional textile, like gringsing, songket, and batik, perfectly represents the values found in both traditional and modern styles. Through her dedication, she seeks to develop Indonesian fabrics into timeless pieces that will be loved by anyone around the globe, and to keep them simple and sleek with touches of ethnic spirit. “Indonesian cultures are truly rich and interesting to develop,” Ghea says. “My passion for the country’s cultures has led me to collect traditional textiles and to learn more about their heritage; in turn, all of these have become an inspiration to combine Indonesian cultures with modern styles for my collections.”

When it comes to her personal style, however, Ghea is truly a queen of bohemian chic. In addition to her antique fabric collections and embroidered coats, her wardrobe is filled with pretty hippie-chic purses, and tribal-style jewellery and accessories. “My style is bohemian chic, but for special occasions, you could catch me in a kebaya and colourful attire,” she adds.

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Signature Style”, Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019