SIgnature Style: Hans Huang

SIgnature Style: Hans Huang

18 April, 2020

Indonesia Tatler peeks inside notable socialites’ and designers’ wardrobes to unearth the secret sauces behind their fashionable flair—with some surprising finds

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019


Undoubtedly one of those dazzling emcees no party would pulse without, Hans Huang can keep guests entertained throughout an entire event with his skilful wordplay and beautiful, clear voice. Hans’s personality is also lively and vivid, and since each event requires a different outfit, he definitely needs a lot of splendid choices to fit any occasion, from lavish birthday parties to the most extravagant celebrations.

And no outfit would be complete without the right accessories, which is why Hans collects watches. “If you asked me about my favourite watch, or any favourite item of mine, the answer is that I love everything my late mum gave to me,” replies Hans as he holds up his wrist to show a vintage Cartier ablaze with diamonds. This memorable gift from his beloved mum is a timepiece dear to Hans’s heart, and is only be worn on truly special occasions.

Never failing to look chic and on point, Hans is also no stranger to lavish bags, with his first purchase among the most memorable. During his time as a Broadway singer, Hans’s efforts to save money were rewarded with a meticulously handcrafted Hermès bag in bright tangerine and embossed with the famous logo. His next favourite bag is the Fendi Runway Shopper, which has a stiff oval double handle and metal rings with a removable shoulder strap. Just like Hans’s elegant and eclectic personalities, one the most prized outfits in his closet is Elton John’s tiger-sequinned jacket that was won at Phillips Auction House to raise funds to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Signature Style”, Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019